QMOS Alloy Calculator commissioned at Nucor Nebraska

QII Data Science, Product Development, QMOS

The Nucor Nebraska plant started their trial of the QMOS DS Alloy calculator tool in Oct 2023, officially commissioning it in April 2024. In addition to presenting prediction intervals for mechanical test results as each sample is taken at the chem lab, the tool optimizes the operator workflow by retrieving all necessary information from the QMOS ecosystem, calculating optimal additions, …

Scrap Optimizer Pilot Started at Nucor Steel Nebraska

QII Data Science

A different algorithm from the standard QMOS DS Scrap Optimizer was developed in close collaboration with the Nebraska engineering team, with the goal of utilizing prior heat chemistries in addition to scrap commodities as inputs into models predicting heat quality. This resulted in customized scrap recipes tailored for each heat. APEX reports were created to present scrap operators with standard …

Grade Spec Optimization Study Conducted at Gerdau West Tennessee

QII Data Science

An engineering study was conducted to analyze chemistry and physical results for data across several months and suggest new chemistry specification tolerances that will meet physical specifications while reducing alloying costs. The results of this study were used by West Tennessee’s quality team to overhaul chemistry specifications to better fit their process.

QMOS DS Alloy Calculator Commissioned at AltaSteel

QII Data Science, Implementation News, QMOS

Following the first successful implementation, QMOS DS was installed at the AltaSteel plant. Support for custom DI calculations was added, as well as ability to utilize floating aim specs. In a QMOS DS first, the application has been integrated with the alloy system HMI screen, allowing for seamless transfer of optimal addition quantities and reducing manual data entry.

QMOS DS Alloy Calculator Commissioned at Nucor Steel Kankakee

QII Data Science, Implementation News, QMOS

The QMOS DS Alloy Calculator has officially started at its first location! The screen has been designed after extensive collaboration with the engineering team at Kankakee, aiming to streamline their alloy addition workflow. The screen also includes a machine learning model that significantly improved over existing linear regression predictions of physical properties. Automated model retraining is in place, ensuring ongoing …

Lab Assistant Commissioned at Gerdau West Tennessee

QII APEX, Data Science, Implementation News

The QMOS DS Lab Assistant screen made its debut at the Gerdau West Tennessee plant. Designed to assist chem lab technicians with their decision making, the screen utilizes machine learning models for accurate predictions of physical properties for all products each heat is intended for. Users can see the probability of tensile failure and take appropriate action before billets are …