Quad Recycling Management System

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The most comprehensive tool for managing your Ferrous and non-Ferrous operations

The Quad Recycling Management system brings new concepts and procedures into the recycling operations to streamline the process to create higher accuracy in tracking material, yield, utilization and other performance KPIs.  The system also enables more efficient planning for raw material inventory by providing planning and scheduling capabilities.

Quad Recycling Management System also provides accurate tracking of produced and consumed materials.  It links with the automation layer and collects process parameters for the production events allowing for targeted trouble shooting and process improvements.tracking of produced and consumed material.  This concept enables the recycling operations to track yields accurately as well as link the sellable material more accurately to the production events in case of required trouble shooting or quality complaints. 

Campaign Planning & Scheduling
Batch Based Production Tracking
Delay Tracking & Management
Production Mass Balancing
Yield Analysis
Quality and Test Result Management
Loader Operations & Material Movements
Material Inventory & Pile Management
Equipment Tracking
Performance Analytics
Tablet Friendly
Production & Performance KPIs