Quad Infotech introduces Mobile Apex


Quad Infotech has released the first version of Mobile Apex application.  Mobile Apex allows for easy creation of unified reports from multiple data sources for mobile smart phone users who need to have access to critical information at all times.  By incorporating the Push technology, Mobile Apex users are kept up-to-date with live information.  Mobile Apex’s advanced rule based algorithm allow for quick and easy creation of notification alarms in order to warn any breach of critical limits of the data.

While incorporating the latest technologies in application development, Mobile Apex requires no programming to provide these functions and features.  The system can be setup and implemented by the IT with minimum time and efforts.  The end users can start receiving their required reports on their smart phones in no time.

The Mobile Apex is available for the most popular smart phones in the business world today.  The app for the Blackberry is now available.  Apps for Android and iPhone will be released in the near future.