Quad Infotech has completed the commissioning of QMOS MES at the Gerdau Petersburg plant


Quad Infotech has completed the commissioning of the QMOS MES at Gerdau’s large section plant at Petersburg, Virginia. QMOS receives all orders from SAP and is responsible for scheduling, production tracking and monitoring of the entire production line from scrap charging, melting and casting all the way to rolling, bundling and downstream operations. QMOS also covers all the setup and maintenance operations such as ladle and tundish management, roll shop, guide shop, stand building, saw and shear management and more. QMOS fully covers the operations of the billet yard as well as all quality labs for the melt shop and the rolling mill.

The advanced piece tracking tools of QMOS will help Petersburg plant to track and manage individual rolled pieces anywhere in the manufacturing process. The QMOS genealogy provides end to end visibility of the entire operation and process parameters for each finished piece.

Gerdau Petersburg utilizes the QMOS APEX information management system for creating web based reports, live displays and alarm notifications. The QMOS APEX system enhances the visibility of critical production and performance information throughout the plant as well as the corporate enterprise. The operators as well as management readily have access to real-time critical information.

QMOS advanced quality management tools will allow users to do various post mortem analysis on past production data and use it for predictive models to evaluate potential tensile properties based on chemical composition. This along with a wide range of visual quality tools pave the way to analyze quality data in a way that was not possible or very difficult to do in the past.

Gerdau Petersburg uses the web based QMOS MI (Manufacturing Intelligence) system for detailed analysis of all production, performance and quality data. QMOS MI provides multi-dimensional and drill-down analysis of the vast QMOS data where the plant engineers can reach the desired information using a fraction of the time and efforts as before.