Setup Shop Management

Management tools for Rolling Mill Equipment

Roll Shop Manager

The Roll Shop Planner module provides regular and timely roll and setup shop management information to operators in a format they can easily work with. These tools are designed to schedule and drive roll shop activity, to record mill performance, to help the operators make optimal decisions during their shifts, and help managers perform analysis and view trends allowing for consistent improvement to the process.


The Roll Shop Manager module features the following functionalities:

  • Product Family Tree
  • Roll Barrel Drawings
  • Pass Management
  • Roll Shop Planner
  • Roll Scheduling
  • Pass Wear Tracking
  • Pass Status
  • Roll Re-Ordering and Purchasing
  • Supplier Performance Evaluation
  • Roll Inventory and Location Management
  • Standard and Custom Product Setup Sheets
  • Roll Performance and Cost Analysis
  • Roll History
  • Account Summary
  • Rolling Recipe Transfer Interfaces with Speed Control Systems
  • Automatic Capture of Mill Setup Snap Shots for Advanced Roll Process Analysis
  • Labor Management

Stand Building Management

The Stand Building Management module manages the inventory and maintenance of the bearings and chocks. It also manages the building and tear down of the stands based on the upcoming rolling orders and scheduled rolls as per the Roll Shop Management module.


The Stand Building Management module provides the following main features:

  • Stand Building Work Orders
  • Stand Teardown
  • Labor Management
  • Equipment Setup SOPs
  • Equipment setup Parameters
  • Bearing and Chocks Usage Tracking
  • Bearing and Chocks Inspection Work Orders

Guide Shop Manager

The Guide Shop Manager module provides end to end means to maintaining the inventory of guides and managing build and teardown work orders based of the requirements of the rolling mills.


The Guide Shop Manager module provides the following features:

  • Guide Building Work Orders
  • Guide Teardown
  • Labor Management
  • Guide Parts Inventory Control
  • Guide Usage Tracking

Saw and Shear Blade Management

QMOS provides full management of the saw and shear blade inventories. It tracks usage on each individual unit and provides work orders for re-machining or other re-tooling orders.


The SBI module provides the following main features:

  • Blade Dressing and Results
  • Blade Usage and Life Monitoring
  • Cost Analysis
  • Blade History
  • Blade Location Management
  • Labor Management