The only MES that is specifically designed for the long steel industry


Raise Your Mill’s IQ

QMOS provides a unique user experience unlike any other system in the industry

World’s Top MES in the Steel Industry

Over 30 implementations in North America and India

One QMOS Version for All Customers

All process variations and best practices in a single package

Rapid Deployments

Configurable functionalities enable QMOS to adapt to your process

24/7 Technical Support

Our legendary helpdesk provides global support to our customers

One Stop Shop for All Production and Performance Data

Central web portal for all production and performance information, with End-to-end genealogy

Regular Updates

Continuous enhancements to keep QMOS up-to-date with the latest technology as well as your growing needs

Operator Friendly Screens

Touch friendly screens specifically designed based on the needs of each pulpit


QMOS enables users to schedule the production of the steel plants in the Melt Shop and the Rolling Mill while optimizing the process and yield. The schedule, along with real time production and quality information, is disseminated to the steel mill operators and managers empowering them to take immediate and informed actions if and when necessary.

QMOS manages the entire process from receiving customer orders, creation of production schedule for each work center, as well as managing the demand for the steel. The coverage continues all the way to the production of the billets and further down to packaging and shipment of semi-finished and finished products.


QMOS is the main manufacturing system in more than 30 major steel producing facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and India

Manufacturing Intelligence (QMOS MI)

Use QMOS MI to gain unlimited visibility into the vast production and performance data.

Slice and Dice Analysis

Slice and dice, drill downs, and much more

Heat Genealogy

View end-to-end parameters of a heat’s life cycle in a single screen

Test Analysis

Compare quality test results to see cause and effects


An unbeatable combo

The APEX Information Management suite is included with QMOS. Create graphically rich displays and reports for the shop floor and admin offices in minutes. No programming needed.