QMOS Scalehouse System’s self checkin/checkout kiosks and mobile devices help modernize the truck and rail shipping and logistics operations by providing higher levels of collaboration, transparency and accuracy

QII Product Development, QMOS

With the new North American ELD mandate, the logistics departments are looking to improve the process and minimize the truck residency times.

By bringing a higher level of organization, collaboration and oversight to the shipping activities, the Quad ScaleHouse Management System is designed to address these initiatives as well as bringing many more opportunities for efficiency improvement throughout the shipping operations.

The QMOS Scalehouse System provides the following capabilities:

  • Scheduling of the Rail and Truck operations
  • Service level agreements for each step of the process such as Checkin, Loading, Checkout, etc
  • Realtime visibility of all onsite activities
  • Self checkin/checkout for trucks
  • Realtime performance monitoring and SLA breach warning
  • Detailed KPIs and analytics
  • Interface with the automation and ERP systems

For more information visit www.quadinfotech.com/scalehouse