Nucor Steel completes the implementation of QMOS MES system on all its bar mills

QII Implementation News, QMOS

Nucor Steel recently chose QMOS as the standard MES solution for all its Bar Group facilities.  Other than the mills who were previously on QMOS, all remaining facilities were commissioned with QMOS from April 2018 and March 2019.  The Bar Group divisions involved were Auburn, NY; Kankakee, IL; Jackson, MS; Birmingham, AL; Kingman, AZ; Wallingford, CT; and Marion, OH.

Nucor teammates at various divisions worked in concert with QMOS teams to migrate their production tracking, recording, and reporting to QMOS. All plants have implemented the complete suite of QMOS functions, covering areas of scheduling, production and quality operations in melt shops, rolling mills and finishing operations, where applicable. All shops such as roll shops, guide shops, ladle shops and the rest were also covered by QMOS.

QMOS interfaces with the level 1 and 2 systems to gather process parameters from the scrap systems, melt shops, rolling mills, and downstream operations.  QMOS also interfaces seamlessly with Nucor’s Oracle Business Systems (EBS) ERP to receive demand orders and report back productions and consumptions along with test results at each relevant station.