APEX Digital Factory 10.0 is on its way!


Quad Infotech is releasing APEX Digital Factory 10.0 with a wide range of new features and enhancements. A large amount of attention was especially paid to the mobility features in the latest version which includes a completely revamped APEX iOS app. The APEX users have now unprecedented access to all their reports and information via their iPhones or iPads. Some of the top new features in the latest version of APEX Digital Plants include:

  • APEX Digital Plant 3.0 for iOS
  • More improved alarm notifications
  • On-demand result sets
  • Freeform layout for grids
  • Full connectivity and integration with PLCs
  • Cross referencing PLC data with goal data or data from other systems such as MES, ERP, etc
  • Compatibility with MySQL database
  • Many internal improvements for better data management